About Us

VRJJ is a proudly British brand promoting a luxurious lifestyle for your home.
In addition to a passion for fragrance, we are dedicated to design, which is why every VRJJ candle is thoughtfully crafted to smell and look decadent.

Scent is deeply connected to memory and emotion. Fragrance is personal, and a gentle perfume can remind us of a place, person or special moment in time.

With this in mind, we have created a varied range of fragrances to suit any personality of preference. We offer fresh, citrus tones, bright fruity fragrances, oriental and soothing earth scents, and, of course, specialist festive Christmas bouquets.

Each and every candle that goes out under the VRJJ label is lovingly hand-poured and finished in small batches to ensure that each piece is perfection.

Our products are made under the watchful eye of our designer, through every step of the candle-making process. Every system, from melting our 100% soy wax to adding the fragrance, and even labelling, boxing and delivery. Lastly, to ensure that every VRJJ candle delivers what we promise, we offer exceptional customer service from a UK-based team.

We believe in the personal approach, and we will go above and beyond to ensure your customer satisfaction.

We love making our beautiful scented candles, and we hope that lighting the flame and enjoying our products brings you as much joy as we get from making them.

Welcome to the VRJJ Candle family